Fur-Lined Ghettos #8

Fur-Lined Ghettos #8 is now out, and includes 4 of my poems. It’s a beautiful magazine, and filled with some stunning poetry that I’m pretty darn chuffed to appear next to. You can find out more and purchase a copy here – it’s very reasonably priced for such an awesome magazine.

13254843_10153726028811647_4223766928438140144_o (1)
Photo by Dawn Marrow.

I was invited by the wonderful Sophie, editor of Fur-Lined Ghettos and Salo Press, to read at the launch for issue #8, alongside Alison Graham, Francesca Kritikos, and Owen Vince, as well as some brilliant open mic-ers, including my friend Stephen Pester, whom I haven’t read alongside for far too long. My first reading for three years, it was a really lovely night, and a bit of a homecoming.

It’s been a pleasure to be involved in the magazine and the launch event, especially alongside such a talented bunch of writers, and I’m excited to be increasingly active in Norwich’s lively poetry scene again.

Feature image: Fur-Lined Ghettos #8 cover, by Becha.


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