risograph zine: this’ll rattle your teeth

At the weekend I took part in a workshop at Norwich’s wonderful Print to the People, and came away with a collaged risograph-printed zine.


The zine is based on a Yup’ik mask in the Sainsbury collection, which I often walk past as I go about my duties at work. The mask, representing a walrus and made of wood and whiskers, is absolutely haunting.


I’ve been trying to write about the mask for a long time, and it’s proving difficult. What does it mean to write about an artwork from a culture so different to my own? What does it mean that I am experiencing this artwork when it is in a gallery setting, removed from its proper context? What kind of relationship can I have to an object that I admire, but cannot ever fully understand?

The zine workshop seemed the perfect way to explore the mask, my feelings and the politics of my experience of it in a visual manner. Risograph turned out to be the perfect medium for exploring the texture and timbre of the mask’s peculiar affect.



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