Parallel Magazine Intro

Here I am introducing myself on the Parallel Magazine blog. 

At the moment I’m writing profiles of iconic women from history, exploring the tension between women’s liberation and gender equality as goals of feminism, and soon I’ll be looking at feminist art collectives throughout history. I’m having a grand old time writing and working with the Parallel team, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading our first issue, which comes out in January!

I would be eternally grateful if you would help us to get this young feminist zine out there by contributing to our Kickstarter. You’ll get the first issue automatically, at no extra cost! If you’re interested in feminism, intersectionality, social justice, the arts, history, radicalism… you name it, we’re hard at work to bring you a cracking first issue, and would appreciate to the stars and back your support in creating a zine that can bring young feminism to greater light.


Feature image, of me, by Cadi Cliff


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